Sunday, April 14, 2013

At the stage of Extinction today it’s Fuel and next it will be water…!!!!!

Fuel reduces man power involvement and increases the efficiency of work which gives more luxury. In every task we do the involvement of machines has been increased. Every work we wish to do we depend on machines rather than humans. Man has stopped walking instead he digs deep inside the earth and takes out crude Oil which is then refined in refineries and used for our vehicles. Man is using machines where ever possible and has become slave to it. Cooking, lifting water, watering plants, entertainment etc for every work he does, man is dependent on external energy ( fuel, electricity etc). These resources are not renewable. Where it is just few steps of walk we use our vehicles to move and are becoming lazy, stopped lifting water from wells, cooking has become easy and simple where we need not spend our energy or time, for entertainment also we depend on various resources. With this kind of life style we are inviting various kinds of diseases to our body. This is one of the main reasons for increase in diseases. We are using these resources without limits and now brought them to the state of extinction. May be the next generation must just read in books about these.

Similarly electricity is also used extensively and getting wasted without proper usage. Why have we lost the capacity of understanding that it is now available in a very limited quantity and we are going into darkness? Electric lamps are just burning in places where it is not necessary. And we go away as though we have not seen anything and it does not belong to us or we don’t have any responsibility of saving it. With this the electric bill increases month on month and with anger scold on others for it.

Being a civilized and educated person we should stop using electricity unwontedly and use it thoughtfully in minimum way so that even we get less electric bill and also help the villages get maximum amount of electricity for their use. Though we are capable of paying the bill how high it is we should think of others who really are in need and require and can use it efficiently. If we start using it efficiently it is good for us, for our state and even for our country. We must use resources efficiently without wasting it so that it does not cause harm or shortage to others.

If we just speak about fuels, their types and forget about water we will remain thirsty. Water is also one of the 5 main requirements of life. Using it without limits we are becoming the reason for increase in GLOBAL WARMING.  By the limitless usage of the resources noise pollution, air pollution is increasing. We should stop liberally cutting down trees and use water very carefully so that it is properly utilized. We are deeply digging the earth, removing the underground water and making it dry. By not having hold on the usage of water we are inviting natural calamities such as earthquakes etc.

Lifting water by using electricity and then using it through taps we are wasting more water than lifting it manually by wells. We should use water very carefully if we use it carelessly earths underground water will get extinguished and then earth becomes completely dry. With the increase in luxury, pollution is also getting increased and we are inviting new diseases attack us.

May it be electricity, fuel or water we should use it effectively and efficiently so that the next generation can also use, enjoy and lead their life happily.

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